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Article 7 - Personal File

​​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​​

​7.01  ​
The Employer will make reasonable arrangements to have an Employee's personal file made available at an administrative office or headquarters that is in reasonable proximity to where the Employee works or at a place agreed on by the Employee and the Employee's Department and at a reasonable time for the Employee to examine the Employee's file, upon a request ​for the same being made by an Employee, once in every year and as well in the event of a grievance. The Employee may request a representative of the Union to be present at the time of the examination.
The personal file referred to in this Article is the personal file of an Employee maintained by the Departmental Human Resources Office or the Institution Human Resource Office. Except as provided hereinafter this file shall contain copies of all documentation pertaining to the Employee. Payroll documentation pertaining to the Employee shall be retained electronically and made available in hard copy as required. No information pertaining to interview records, reference checks, or confidential information related to a diagnosis or prognosis concerning either Employee eligibility for Long Term Disability Insurance, Employee Family Assistance Services, or Employee Support and Recovery Services shall be contained in this file.​


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