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Article 51 Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​


When a new Permanent or Temporary position is created or when a vacancy occurs, and the Employer intends to fill through competition the Employer shall post the position(s). Such postings shall be posted electronically for not less than seven (7) calendar days.​

The posting shall contain the following information:


​competition type (departmental*, limited or open);


​location(s) of the position, for information purposes only;


​summarized duties and responsibilities;


​qualifications and/or competencies, as required;


​employment status (Permanent or Temporary and Full-time or Part-time);




​hours of work;


​rate(s) of pay; and


​if a Temporary Position, the anticipated duration.

* Notice of departmental competitions shall be via email to all Employees of the appropriate Department or by posting to the Department’s internal or the Government’s external website.



​When filling new positions or vacancies, the determining factors shall be knowledge, ability, experience and other relevant attributes.


​Subject to 51.02(a), wherever possible preference shall be given to in-service applicants in order to establish a career service and to provide incentive and reward for good work performance and self-development.


​​Candidates who are unsuccessful on a competition, but are certified as qualified for the position, may be considered for positions in the same or a lower class for a period of six (6) months unless a longer period is mutually agreed between the Parties. Using these candidates to fill additional vacancies that may occur within the six (6) month period shall be deemed not to be a violation of this Article.


An Employee promoted to a class with a higher maximum salary will normally receive a one-increment increase in salary. The one-increment increase is calculated by moving from one pay period to the next within the same pay grade, or by moving two pay grades higher to the same pay period, as may be appropriate. The Employer may approve an increase greater than one increment in consideration of the factors that determine salary when an employee is promoted.

When an Employee moves from a class with no pay grade assignment to a class with a pay grade, the salary will be placed at a period in the new grade that provides a minimum four per cent (4%) increase.


​Hiring practices resulting from the duty to accommodate and other ameliorative selection practices shall be deemed not to be a violation of this Article.


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