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Article 39 Military Leave

​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​


​The Employing Department may grant military leave to an Employee:


​where the Employee’s services are required by the Department of National Defence to meet a civil emergency, for the duration of the emergency; or


​where during a national emergency the Employee volunteers for service or is conscripted into the Armed Forces for the duration of the emergency; or


​where the Employee volunteers for military training, special training or special duty, for a period not exceeding six (6) weeks.


Where military leave is approved an Employee shall not be required to forfeit any of the Employee’s vacation entitlements. However, where military leave is not approved, this Article does not preclude the Employee from using vacation leave for the purpose of attending military training.​ ​


​Military leave to attend annual training or summer camp shall not exceed ten (10) working days.


​When an Employee has been granted military leave in accordance with Sub-clause 39.01(c) or Clause 39.03, and that Employee produces a letter from National Defence Headquarters to the Employing Department, stating the amount paid by the Department of National Defence to such Employee, the Employee shall receive the Employee’s full rate of pay from the Employer, less the amount the Employee received from the Department of National Defence.​

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