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Article 33A Long Term Disability

​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​


​The eligibility of an Employee to participate in the Government Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan is subject to Article 4 and all eligible Employees shall be covered in accordance with the provisions of the Plan. ​


The Employer and eligible Employees shall each pay fifty per cent (50%) of the premium costs for Long Term Disability benefits.


An eligible Employee who becomes ill or disabled and who, as a result of such illness or disability is absent from work for a period of eighty (80) consecutive work days, may apply for Long Term Disability benefits as provided under the LTD Plan. Pursuant to Clause 32.01 where the Employer approves part-time absences and part-time use of General Illness Leave, the eighty (80) days of leave will be converted to the equivalent number of hours and administered accordingly. The final ruling as to whether or not the claimant's disability is of a nature which qualifies the claimant for benefits within the interpretation of the provisions of the Plan shall be made by the third party claims adjudicator.


Long Term Disability benefits payable under the provisions of the LTD Plan, will entitle an Employee with a qualifying disability, to a total income, from sources specified under Clause 33A.05, of not less than seventy per cent (70%) the Employee’s bi-weekly salary received or which the Employee is entitled to receive as a Government Employee at the commencement of the LTD benefits pursuant to Clause 33A.03.


The bi-weekly LTD benefit amount to which an Employee is entitled, shall be reduced by:


the amount of disability benefit entitlement, related to the LTD claim excluding children's benefits and cost of living increases, under the Canada Pension Plan, Quebec Pension Plan or a government sponsored disability plan in another country which has a reciprocal or social security agreement with Canada or the Quebec Pension Plan;


​the amount of compensation under the Workers' Compensation Act related to the LTD claim, excluding cost of living increases, compensation related to employment with a concurrent employer at the time of disability and compensation related to a prior permanent impairments;


the amount of benefits payable from any other group disability plan(s) sponsored by the Employer;


Vacation Leave pay;


the amount of any other remuneration received as a result of employment or self-employment unless subject to Clause 33A.06;


loss of income benefits paid under an automobile insurance plan related to the LTD claim, to the extent permitted by law.


An Employee who, after qualifying for LTD benefits, returns to work on an approved rehabilitation program or obtains gainful employment, and the resulting income received is less than the bi-weekly salary in effect immediately prior to the commencement of absence pursuant to Clause 33A.03 (pre-disability salary), shall have the bi-weekly LTD benefit payable by the Plan reduced by fifty per cent (50%) of the income received, provided that the combination of reduced LTD benefit and income does not exceed the pre-disability salary. Where the combination of reduced LTD benefits and income received is a higher amount than the pre-disability salary, the LTD benefits shall be reduced further so that LTD benefits and income received equal one hundred per cent (100%) of the pre-disability salary. Payments made pursuant to this Clause shall not exceed a period of twenty-four (24) months for an approved rehabilitation program or thirty-six (36) months for gainful employment commencing the date the Employee is determined fit for gainful employment. A combination of payments for a rehabilitation program and gainful employment shall not exceed a period of thirty-six (36) months.


An Employee who receives LTD benefits and who, at the commencement of absence due to disability or illness, is participating in any of the Government Employees’ Prescription Drug Plan, the Government Employees' Group Extended Medical Benefits Plan, the Government Group Dental Plan, and the Government Group Life Insurance Plan, shall continue to be covered under these Plans throughout the total period the Employee is receiving LTD benefits and the Employer and Employee premium contributions, if applicable, shall continue.


The LTD benefits applicable to Employees covered by this Agreement shall not be altered except through negotiation by the Parties to this Agreement.​

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