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Article 32 General Illness

​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​


​“General Illness” means an illness which causes an Employee to be absent from duty for a period of more than three (3) consecutive work days but shall not exceed: ​ ​


eighty (80) consecutive work days; or


where the Employer approves part-time absences and part-time use of General Illness Leave, the eighty (80) days of leave will be converted to the equivalent number of hours and administered accordingly.​ ​

General Illness Leave shall be in addition to any Casual Illness Leave entitlements specified in Article 31.​ ​ ​


​Provided the Employee is not then absent from work due to illness, pursuant to Clause 32.01, the Employee at the commencement of each year of employment shall be entitled to General Illness Leave at the specified rates of pay in accordance with the following table, and the application of such General Illness Leave shall be as set out in accordance with Clause 32.03: ​ ​

​Completed Calendar Years of Employment

​General Illness Leave at 100% of Normal Salary

​General Illness Leave at 70% of Normal Salary

Less than 1 month

Less than 1 year

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

​0 work days*

10 work days

15 work days

25 work days

35 work days

45 work days

60 work days

​70 work days

70 work days

65 work days

55 work days

45 work days

35 work days

20 work days

* There shall be no salary for each of the first ten (10) work days of general illness.

​For purposes of Clause 32.02 “employment" includes salaried employment and also any prior employment on wages provided that there is no break in Government service.



​Subject to Sub-Clause 32.03(b), an Employee upon return to active work after a period of general illness of less than eighty (80) consecutive work days will have:


​illness leave entitlements reinstated pursuant to Clause 32.02 when the Employee returns to work in the next year of employment; or

(ii) ​

​any illness leave days used for which normal salary was paid at the rate of 100% or 70% reinstated for future use at the rate of 70% of normal salary, within the same year of employment.


​Such reinstatement shall only occur where an Employee has not taken any general illness leave for the same or related illness during the first ten (10) consecutive work days following the date of return to active work.


​For purposes of this Article, the maximum period of continuous absence recognized shall be eighty (80) consecutive work days. Absences due to illness or disability in excess of that period shall be subject to Article 33A.


​Notwithstanding Article 31 or Clause 32.02, an Employee is not eligible to receive sick leave benefits under this Article or Article 31 if the absence is due to an injury, from employment of any other employer, that qualifies for Workers' Compensation benefits.


​When a day designated as a Paid Holiday under Article 36 falls within a period of general illness it shall be counted as a day(s) of general illness and under no circumstances shall an Employee receive any additional entitlement in respect of that day.


​This Article is subject to Article 33.​

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