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Article 23 Workers' Compensation Supplement

​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​


In accordance with the Workers' Compensation Act, when an Employee sustains an injury in the course of the Employee's duties with the Government of Alberta, the Employee and the Employee's Supervisor shall report the injury to a Senior Official at the place of work. The Senior Official shall record the date, time and nature of the injury on a form to be signed by the injured Employee. The Employee and the Employer shall complete the required forms for Workers' Compensation. If the injury causes the Employee to be absent from work and if the claim is approved by the Workers' Compensation Board, the Employee shall be paid the Employee's regular full salary, including all types of employment income the Employee would have received from the Employer, during the period the Employee is required to remain off work up to eighty (80) consecutive work days.


If the Employee has not returned to work due to injury before the eighty (80) work day period has expired, the Employee shall then be paid according to the rate prescribed by the Workers' Compensation Act.


The eligibility period specified in Clause 23.01 shall not apply in the event of a recurrence of a disability due to a previously claimed injury, payable under this supplement, unless the Employee has not used the total eligibility period in which case the unexpended period of eligibility may be applied.


When a day designated as a paid holiday under Article 36 falls within a period of time an Employee is eligible to receive Workers' Compensation Supplement, it shall be counted as a day of Workers' Compensation Supplement, and under no circumstances shall an Employee receive any additional entitlement in respect of that day.


An Employee who is injured on the job during working hours and who is required to leave the job site for treatment, or is sent home as a result of such accident or injury, shall not suffer loss of pay for that day's work, regardless of the time of injury. That day shall not be deducted from the eligibility period specified in Clause 23.01.


The Parties agree that the Workers' Compensation Supplement is intended only for the purpose of protecting an Employee from loss of income while the Employee is unable to work because of injury.


An Employee who receives Workers' Compensation benefits and who at the commencement of absence from work pursuant to Clause 23.01 is participating in the Government Employees' Prescription Drug Plan, the Government Employees' Group Extended Medical Benefits Plan, the Government Employees' Group Life Insurance Plan or the Government Employees' Group Dental Plan shall continue to be covered under these plans throughout the period the Employee is receiving Workers' Compensation benefits. Premium contributions shall continue to be paid by the Employer and the Employee as outlined in Articles 34 and 35.

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