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Article 22 Northern Allowance Pay

​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​


An Employee who is employed at a location north of the 57th parallel of north latitude in the Province of Alberta shall be paid in addition to the Employee’s basic salary, a Northern Allowance of two hundred and forty-one dollars and thirty-eight cents ($241.38) for each bi-weekly pay period served.​ ​


For partial bi-weekly periods of employment an Employee eligible for Northern Allowance pursuant to Clause 22.01 shall receive payment in accordance with the following formula:

Bi-weekly Northern A​​llowance
(# of work days in a bi-weekly period)


​Number of days worked in the pay period at straight time rates


An Employee not residing in the Northern Area specified in Clause 22.01, who is on travel status or is in receipt of any subsistence allowance will not be eligible for Northern Allowance Pay. ​ ​


An Employee who otherwise qualifies for the allowance shall continue receiving the allowance for any period of approved leave with pay. However, the allowance shall not be paid for any period the Employee is on leave without pay.​ ​

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