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Article 11 Time Off for Union Business

​​Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees​​​


Subject to Clause 11.04, time off, without loss of regular earnings, will be provided for the following:​ ​


Authorized Union representatives, not to exceed five (5) in number for time spent meeting with representatives of the Employer at formal Employee Relations Committees where matters of mutual concern are discussed;


For time spent meeting with the Employer at formal Safety Committee meetings during normal working hours, and for meetings of the Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee as provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.​


Subject to Clauses 11.01 and 11.04, in continuous operations, when ​ ​


an Employee is not scheduled to work;


it is not possible to schedule the meeting during a time when the Employee is scheduled to work; and


no alternate attendee is available or appropriate to attend,

an Employee who attends an Employee Relations Committee, Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee or formal Safety Committee meeting shall be paid at the basic hourly rate of pay for a minimum of two (2) hours or the length of the meeting whichever is greater. There shall be no minimum guaranteed compensation if the meeting is contiguous with a normal working period.​ ​


Subject to Clause 11.04, time off, without pay, will be provided for Union Business for Employees authorized by the Union to represent the Union at Negotiations, Conventions, Union Committees, Union Workshops, Steward Training, Union Seminars, Union Conferences, Union Schools, Chapter Meetings, Chapter Executive Meetings, Local Meetings, Local Executive Meetings, Meetings of the Union’s Provincial Executive Committee, activities of the Union Executive Board, participation in the Public Service Pension Board, or any other activities necessary for the operation of the Union in compliance with the collective agreement.


Time off shall be granted except where operational difficulty will arise. The Union shall provide the Employer's Human Resources office with a copy of the request for time off. Employees shall provide a minimum of five (5) work days' notice when requesting time off under Clause 11.03; however, consideration shall still be given in cases where the five (5) work days' notice is not provided. Where such time off is granted for an indeterminate period the Employee shall communicate with the Employer on a daily basis in respect to the date of return.


To facilitate the administration of Clause 11.03 of this Article, the Employer will grant the leave of absence with pay and invoice the Union for the Employee's salary and applicable allowances, or the replacement salary costs, whichever is greater, which the Union shall promptly pay.​ ​

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